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27 Aug

Beijing! This city is full of surprises, each day something makes me laugh, wonder, frustrated, confused, happy, blown way.

Buildings are growing like mushrooms all over the city, Beijingers are biking around with a ton of garbage on the bike back,International high-end shops are getting emptied by the New Chinese Wealth.

This city has really taken me by surprise since they first day I arrived April 2009.When I got the assignment here in Beijing, I really did not know what to expect and I had no expectations but I have fallen in Love.Either you Love this City or you really dislike it. But I must say if you experience the latter, they you have missed OUT big time!!!

Beijing has kept its charm with its historic spots such as the beautiful Hutongs, the precious gardens, the food culture and also developed tremendously with its ultra modern new side…

Can people just stop complaining about the weather and start appreciating this city for what it is!!!

I ❤ BJ


I am Love

20 Aug

Just chillaxing in my bed after a fantastic night out with my friend Dellon last night….
Now just day-dreamig of the film I am Love!

One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. The film shooting, the clothes, Tilda, the wardrobe everything.

Well it is difficult to not make an Italian film beautiful but this was extraordinary.
It is an absolute must see! Tilda Swinton looks tremendous too in the film, she is so graceful and elegant.

I have mixed feelings when I see the film though as the story is very disturbing.

Why do we sometimes feel trapped, why is life sometimes so planned, so fixed so so so?

Spinning spinning spinning

16 Aug

What is spinning??

My World, My Head, My Tongue, My Mind, My skirt…..


 I have to control my spinning! The amount of thoughts spinning around in my head ”what shall I do next”, ”where shall I move”, ”when is it time”, ”who shall I tell”…

Do we think too much? I sometimes believe ”living in the now” is the best as we do not have too much time to think then. I am a very spontaneous person at times! I tend to not plan so much and I tend to just see what happens. It is wonderful, things will just have to happen and I just have to accept the results!

Who does not agree that usually the best nights out are the spontaneous ones. The un-planned trips are the craziest. I believe it can do us all good at times! No planning, just Spinning



Business Woman

15 Aug

Monday Morning and back at work!

So working in the hotel industry is not always easy.This is a 24-7 job that never stops…
We cannot just hang up the ”Closed” sign on the door… We are always on the roll, actually that is what drives me with this job!

The constant vibe, the rush of guests coming through the entrance, the constant challenges we meet and the behind the scenes which guests never seem to ”see” nor understand!!!

No day is alike and we never know what is going to happen, super exciting!

oh la tra-la-la

15 Aug

Perfect rainy Sunday…

14 Aug

Today the weather is SO BEIJING!

Raining constantly and this is supposed to be Summer?? Oh me Oh my….

Anyway, despite the weather I had a great day… Brunch with my two best guy friends Anton and Alberto! Alberto was telling us about his ”weekend modelling disaster” when he ended up in a Scottish Kilt in the middle of nowhere and now traumatised for life. I have seriously not laughed that much in ages… God Beijing is soo random sometimes. After a long brunch the day ended on Alberto’s sofa with a bunch a films. bizous

What does one do??

14 Aug

''The Beijing Night Monster''2:12am on a saturday and I am Hooked on my new blog!!
Beijing night out yesterday eve made me sleep until 4pm today so i guess I am not surprised why I am still wide awake.
So, I am still pretty lost here but designing, uploading photos, writing and posting is super fun.
I must say though, God I envy all those amazing bloggers out there, practice makes perfect! wish me luck


14 Aug


Me blogging, officially blogging! I never had a thought this day would come but YES ”it has arrived”.

I feel exhilarated… will enjoy this, love this, do this