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Ching Chong King Kong!

18 Sep












We all read about the phenomena of China. Business Booming, Hotel Popping, Building Growing, Luxury Shopping, Money Flowing!
A lot of people ask me; Why are you working in China, how come China over other places in this world, is it not difficult living in China?? Well my dear questioning people, the answer is pretty clear: China is the place to be.

Not long ago, people including myself had this image of China being poor, dirty and over loaded with bikes. Well after actually experiencing it your thoughts change! Now the richer are getting richer! China has it ALL and will continue to grow.  Living here for just about 2 and a half years, I have experienced the immense growth just around my neighbourhoods. Huge luxury shopping malls openings every week, million dollar restorations, the newest cars on market already looking so last season after only 2 weeks, handbags getting bigger as they are filled with credit cardSSS and mobile PhoneSSS.  It is truly a fairy tale saga.
I was at a Birthday dinner a few weeks ago and my Chinese friend brought  a birthday cake with her to the birthday girl and said casually ”Ah my boyfriend just flew the cake over from Tokyo a few hours ago” like it was the most common thing ever…
This world is changing fasting than sound and we are all stuck in this wonder of confusion When will it ever be enough, when will we all just stop? When will technology stop being useful and start to get useless?
It will be funny to see the faces of our children when we mention ”there was no internet when I was young, we used encyclopaedias to research information” or ”I remember the first I-Phone” -God mum how did you live without XYZ???



Walk that Walk Called Cat Walk

18 Sep

Pumping music, flashing cameras, intense eyes, champagne popping, note taking, people watching, model walking, behind the scene hysterics, touching  up make-up, wild parties!
Fashion Week! 


wonder wall

10 Sep




Naked Beauty

City Glow

Sharp Red
 Incredible India 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Snap snap snap

10 Sep

My film collection
Vintage a la London
Paris by Night
Cartier and Chanel lover
Passion for photography and passion for attractive things in attractive places as Slim Aarons would say….

I have an immense interest in films, fashion, city traveling, perfume, nail vanish and vogue.
My film collection is very selective!  Some have changed my life! Some films you can see once and never again but others you can watch over and over and each time is like the first. Dreamers, Lost in Translation, True Romance, Hannah and her sisters ohh the list is long!

London Vintage! Can it get more vintage?? Shoes, endless racks of vintage shirts, bags, boots, jackets, accessories WOW! I just love the Vintage Shops down Brick Lane in London…. Guns of Brixton all the way…..

Paris my one year love! After high school 2 friends and I were kidnapped by Paris beauty and Charm. Paris is the most Adrenaline feeding city I have been to. Paris has something special and our one year relationship memories always return.

Perfume scents are very individual. One scent on me may smell different than on someone else. I am addicted to perfume and perfume bottles. When I was small I collected perfume bottles and somewhere down in my parents cellar there is a huge suitcase filled with perfume bottles! I think they look so beautiful. I want more!

Wish List

5 Sep

I wish I wish I wish I was walking in a field of wild summer flowers right now. I was astonished a few years back when my dad had managed to create  the most idyllic  wild summer flower field. The filed was a piece of natural art! The field smelled like my favourite perfume from Byredo –PULP! The field was simply wonderful.

 I wish I wish I wish I could own this tea-cup….
Yesterday I was sitting with my Russian friend talking about tea over a cup of tea! Once she saw how I lit up when talking about this subject she said ‘‘Now I can see the Brit in you” ….
Growing up in London ,  drinking tea with milk, baking scones at boarding school, working at Claridge’s, ransacking Mariage Freres in Paris and loving Capital Ms’ Afternoon tea here in Beijing…

If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, for dinner who would they be and why?

4 Sep

I once did a kind of personality test for a hotel chain for which I was applying a job for. In the test there were some really interesting questions I had to answer….. Today I was looking through some old files on my mac and I found this!

So the question is ”If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, for dinner who would they be and why?

I guess the answer to the question gives the employer an impression of my personality – hmm is she suitable for us??

My first guest would be one of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs:  Sir Richard Branson. Considering the level of risk he seems to take when starting new businesses I am impressed by his success rate. He also seems to be a generous man of the world with a keen interest in the well being of the Earth’s climate and environment.  During dinner I would encourage him to tell us some of his most fascinating and amusing stories and hopefully inspire me to believe that anything is achievable in  life.

My second guest would  be one of my all time favorite photographers; Slim Aarons. Being a passionate photographer myself I would love to hear his stories of snapping away while surrounded by members of the world’s royal families, business leaders and movie stars whom he famously befriended & travelled the globe with during the “Golden age”  between 1950-1980.  I am amused by what he calls his career “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” I think everyone at the dinner table would enjoy listening to his personal tales of the icons of the 20th century, living their fairy-tale lifestyles around world.

Last but not least, I would invite the wittiest director and actor of all times; Woody Allen. I can watch his films over and over again and I just love how Woody nearly always stars in his own films as a hypochondriac. Woody has a great sense of humor and would easily liven up the dinner party.


4 Sep

A few weeks ago, I got sent to south of China on an intense 4day Sales and Marketing training course.  The course was truly gripping and I became very inspired by all Starwood brands. One of the newer and most innovative brands of Starwood is W Hotels. W Hotels are renowned for their music and trendy service. WHATEVER mood you are in you can for sure find some music here of your liking. If you are looking for a different lodging experience for your next ”vay-cay” have a brows through W-hotels website.

It CANNOT get better than this….

A remarkable music collection. I cannot stop scrolling through the tunes.
Click and enjoy!

Under water DREAM

3 Sep

When I was young I wanted to become a diver! This mysterious world under water which we do not know much about is a dream. What happens under water stays under water! I enjoy exploring the shifting colours, the fish patterns, the abstract coral growth and the feeling of floating. Water brings us to life… There is something so powerful with the water, we are addicted to it. What is a better feeling than having a refreshing shower, swimming in the sea, splashing water like a child, drinking a cup of hot tea next to the fire, skiing in the alps and walking over a frozen lake…..