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Aarons’ masterwork

30 Oct



As earlier mentioned one of my favourite photographers is Slim Aaron.


When I look at the photos I dream away wishing I was there…. everything is so chic, so elegant, so extreme, to fabulous so ATTRACTIVE!


Trick or Treat vs Chinese Wedding

30 Oct

Yesterday I was supposed to go to this Halloween Party in the Beijing Subway… ahhh scary! I am happy I did not go, as I am slightly claustrophobic I think I would go crazy. Believe it or not but I was instead at a Chinese Wedding on Halloween…. Wow what an experience! The Chinese weddings are filled with randomness. The ceremony started at 11.08am, traditionally here in Beijing if you get married after 11.08 it is most likely your second marriage. On the dining table there are plates filled with candy, cigarettes, nuts, at least 2 bottles of Chinese Rice Wine (38% vol and tastes like pure petrol). Throughout the ceremony the guests eat, smoke and cheers with the bride and groom. The MC acting as a kind of priest talks about the bride and groom and the parents of booth sides sit on chairs on the stage whilst the bride and groom pour tea for them. After the tea is poured the parents show their acceptance by handing over a red and gold envelop filled with money.

It was super interesting to experience! The wedding finished at 2pm and everyone left ha ha so random…
Well now I can tick that off my ”been there done that list”…  Anyway, my colleague Cilla who got married looked super happy and I wish her and her husband all the best.  Here are some photos enjoy!!



Creative Sunday….

23 Oct

Today I got out my colour pens, crayons and paint and started my colour therapy session… It is amazing, just sitting by myself concentrating on my own thing and dreaming away. Mixing colours, creating something from a blank piece of paper and absolutely not given myself or getting from anyone else pressure. Even if I am not totally satisfied with the results, this is how I enjoy my sundays.

Try it!  Get creative! Mix ideas! Create colours!
Here is some pieces from  my own colour therapy sessions


gloomy day

22 Oct

Looking out over a gloomy and smoggy Beijing! Cant see much actually…

Last night was out with my Sales Team and ended up yet again at KTV. It fascinates me every time I end up at karaoke with my colleague how much they enjoy it.. ha ha for me it is still pretty bazaar. everyone does their own thing; playing the legendary dice game, singing, talking, sleeping and ”gam bei-ing”

Here are some of my photos which might enlighten this gloomy Beijing day! Today I am just going to stay in, paint, listen to some music and then tonight head to the AmCham Ball.

Re-discovering the City

9 Oct

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been very bad at blogging lately! I have been on the roll non stop with my visitor in town…. Now I feel like a vacation from the vacation if that makes sense.
I had my brother visiting here in Beijing for the first time, it was a week of action!  Few nights of celebrating my birthday ,  exploring all the sites,  partying like we were at STUDIO 54 each night, a 3 day and 2 night trip to Shanghai and RE DISCOVERING everything again!

The nice thing when you have visitors in town is that you start Re discovering everything again and again.  We all live in a world of routine, city beauty, night-vibes, new experiences start dying out then all of a sudden BANG you re-discover it and appreciate it again! All my favourite spots lightened up, all the restaurants and bars tasted incredible and the city was shining like a newly cut diamond. I was so proud of showing my brother Beijing and my brother was also taken by surprise, he loved it here.

After a few days here in Beijing we took the 07.30am flight down to Shanghai…. This city is also breath-taking, the skyline, the old buildings and luxurious hotels, it is out if this world! I also re-discovered Shanghai as I was there the first time in 2009 but I must say the city blow me away this time! Shanghai is also Absolutely Stunning
Here are some pictures of my week with my Bro in my hoods!

On the Street by Bill Cunningham

9 Oct

What a master Piece! Richard Press’ documentary-film about Bill Cunningham….

My brother has been here visiting me for a while therefore I have not been blogging so much lately however Now I am back in track!!
So on the flight back to Beijing from Shanghai I flicked on this film and OH MY what an inspiring film.

Ok, I have heard his name, I have seen his photos and I have read his On the Street columns in NYT however I never really understood that he is so great! His life story is incredible. That a man in blue jacket, camera around his neck and riding his bike can create such stunning fashion photos. Like Anna Wintour said in the film ”We all get dressed for Bill”…. He snaps away on the streets and catches fashion in its natural form, people dressed top to toe in couture jumping over water puddles and walking in and out of fashion shows during fashion week in Paris.

Bill Cunningham lives for fashion! He has been around so long and seen all the in’s and out’s….Even if you have no interest in New York Society, Photography, Fashion or eccentrics, It is a Don’t miss flick! SEE IT