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31 Dec

Yet another year has passed, yet another champagne popping evening, yes another midnight in Beijing!
OUT with the OLD -IN with the NEW….. 2012 will be fabulous.

I wish everyone a bubbly evening with lots of fun!


Cyber Christmas

29 Dec

I just received a hilarious photo from my dad which I would like to share with you guys. It is a photo from my Christmas Skypee Session with my Family.

It is my brother in Sweden and me on the computer screen in Beijing on Christmas Eve 2011.. i love this photo! What would I do without Internet? What would I do without Skype? and What would I do without my blog and Facebook? It is incredible how addicted we all are to technology but I must say it is a great tool of communication and keeping contact with friends and family all over the world. On Christmas Eve I was sitting here in Beijing staring into my Mac video camera looking at my mum taking a photo of me and brother and it actually turned out fine 🙂 I would like to express my gratitude to Skype! Thank you for giving me the feeling that I am not too far way from home, friends and family!

Time? Clock? Watch?

26 Dec

Finally i have found it! The coolest watch ever. I love it! I want it! I need it and now I just have to track it down as it is sold out world wide…. The watch design is a replica of the classic 1970 style Shanghai watch which was worn by Chinese high officials such as Mao Zedong himself and the design has been altered slightly which makes it so cool and witty.  The watches are from the brand Shanghai Watch Shanghai Watch Co. and W+K 上海 and were designed my Jellymon.


Les Belles Captive

25 Dec


Christmas Renewal…

25 Dec

Merry Christmas fellow readers!

For me it has been a crazy last 2 months but now I am back in track, ready to roll!
I wish you all a jolly good Christmas!
Jingle bells Jingle bells