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Day Dreaming a la Warhol

15 Jan


Apple Attack in Beijing

15 Jan

Ni hao!
Only 6 days left and then Evgenia and I hit the beaches of Thailand….
This weekend has been pretty ¬†intense with celebrations of different sorts. Anna Karin’s new job, Rogiers Birthday and just celebrating that we are celebrating… I had a blast and now just relaxing!
One of the highlights of this weekend was the News Headlines of the Beijing Apple Store being attacked by eager Iphone 4S fans! T.I.C.-This is CHINA! Actually I would say that this is somewhat pathetic. The I-fans throwing eggs at the Apple store in the Village? REALLY! At least they could have thrown apples.

The I-fans clearly had the right to be angry, I would also be angry if I had been waiting for hours but i think there are more important things which can ”break peoples hearts”

“I have been waiting since 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon until 7 o’clock this morning. Apple has broken a lot of Chinese customers’ hearts. I think Apple has been very unkind by doing so,” Beijing citizen

This apple Store is a trade mark for many Beijingers, including myself! Actually it is always fun to just have a stroll over to the Apple Store as there is ALWAYS something happening there… Customers walking in and out of Village with I-products just as if they were going in and out of the supermarket. Anyway, I did not expect this!

Robert Longo- Black and White

11 Jan

Lets swing like like it is 1973……
Robert Longo Photos really create a special feeling inside me when I observe them… In some magical way I become full of energy and happiness.
Unlike others I don’t ONLY associate his work with American Psycho I somehow see myself in his work!
I wish someone could catch me ”In Action” what move would I be in?


Vay-Cay Planning

7 Jan

Only 2 more weeks, then I am on the plane on my way to Thailand. Gosh, I can’t wait! Sun, sand between my toes, culture exchange, thai-food, easy-going life, book bundling… As always-I am the ”last minute traveller” not thinking of the practical things until the end! I am the ”Non-planned traveller” who wishes for the best and manages to always have a blast when traveling spontaneously! I love traveling but I feel it was a while ago I was on a REAL vacation… Mostly when I have a holiday I tend to just fly home but this time I need to think of the real packing.
Anyway so far booked the return-flight from Beijing to Bangkok, booked the hotel in BKK for the first night and last but now all in between is a blur! We shall see: I guess Evgenia and I will sort this out ha ha will be an interesting trip! Now I am day-dreaming of traveling…