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color splash!

17 Mar

I have been seeing a lot of colour combos lately which I have fallen in love with! Have a look at these Interior photos… amazing


Did I hear you say ”Happy Womans Day”??

8 Mar

sick and dreaming I was elsewhere

8 Mar

Home, Sick and Dreaming back to my Thailand Trip which I realised I have still not shown ANY photos from…
The trip was amazing, Evgenia and I had a blast… We traveled in luxury living at 5 star hotels (benefits of working for Starwood are great)  traveling to Bangkok, Phi Phi and Phuket! We had great blue sunny sky each day and also enjoyed snorkeling, swimming in the sea, drinking young coconuts and eating huge Thai Tiger Prawns   and mind-blowing Thai food….

I loved every second of the trip and would not change anything than maybe staying longer haha The trip ended great too with a reunion in Bangkok with my brother Chris and his friends that flew in from Switzerland and my dearest friend Sanna and her friend who flew in from Sweden and Marbella.

After the trip I have been back in business at work and feel a shamed I have not been blogging lately.
A lot has happened after Thailand; I have finally moved into my own apartment which I love, I have had 3 amazing weekends with friends and picked up a new habit of bowling hahaha I still don’t have footage of it yet but I promise it will come soon!

Today I have been sick in bed all day drinking litres of tea and watching a very powerful film about Margret Thatcher. Meryl Streep plays Margret and as always she did a splendid job. Meryl is one of my favourite actresses; I have followed nearly all of her films including Manhattan, out of africa, bridges of Madison county, the hours, its complicated and now the iron lady….