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Summer Summer Summer

18 Jun

Once again a year has passed and the summer heat is bearing down upon Beijing.  I have a feeling that this summer is going to be fab! I just arrived in Sweden 2 days ago and so far I have just been lazy, spending time at my parents place,  gathering energy for the upcoming 3 weeks of my SUMMER VACATION which I have! I feel amazing, I feel so free, I have time to actually concentrate on myself and to daydream about what I actually want to do with my life! When working it is difficult at times to disconnect one-self to other things than work. I love my job, don’t get me wrong, it is just that sometimes I feel that I live more for my job than for myself!

Just before I came to Sweden my Sales Team had a great Summer Party in Beijing! I then realised how great my team is… We all get a long and I actually consider some colleagues some of my closest friends in Beijing, Evgenia and Camille from the photo above are 2 of them… We have a lot of fun together and call each-other ”French” ,”Russian” and ”Swedish”…. Our Boss also loves that she has 3 blondes in the office taking care of the Embassy accounts! She does see us as an U.S.P for the Sales Team I assume!

First day back in Sweden my parents and I headed to a typical Swedish Summer Brunch and indulged in the fresh smoked salmon, -meatballs, -prawns, -dill boiled new potatoes and salads. I was in heaven! Despite the rain outside it was a fantastic start of my holiday….

Tonight I am going to meet with Caroline, one of my oldest friends whom I miss truly in Beijing! Caroline and I could fill a library of memories which we have together.It is always great to meet her over a cup of tea or dinner to catch up! The rest of the days to follow, I will be having more rendez-vous with friends from far and near and I am extremely excited!  More Summer evidence to follow…


6 June Sweden’s National Day

5 Jun

Living abroad makes me somehow feel more Swedish than ever. It is a feeling when you are so far away from it all that you get more hooked on traditions and National holidays etc… It is pretty funny actually as I have only lived all in all 6years of my life in Sweden. I started thinking the other day when looking at the issue location of my passport, when did I actually have a Swedish Passport made in Sweden! The passports I can recall have been issued at the  Swedish Embassy Beijing, Swedish Embassy Den Haag, Swedish Embassy London…. Can I call myself a Child from the ”World” rather than one specific place?

Nevertheless tomorrow I will be attending the Swedish National Day at the Embassy here in Beijing and I am really excited, have not celebrated the Swedish National Day since I lived in London as a child. Each year we had the National Day Celebration on the School yard of the Swedish School in London and as students we had to wear those hideous National Costumes which I actually nowadays really think are nice.

Proud Swede as I am, right now Pumping the Euro-vision WINNING song out of my speakers- Euphoria!!!