A day

29 Jul

It hit me the other day, gosh I have soon lived in this city for 3,5 years… I remember moving here April 2009 not really knowing anything about this country/city. I had of course read about Beijing and China but to be honest, 10 years ago I would have never dreamed of knowing I would be living here. Beijing has its ups and downs, people come-people go, we all have our ”TIC” moments (This-is-China), I often feel the Lost in translation feeling and the irritation of not speaking the language fluently. Beijing is a tricky place, you have the give it time, you can not come here thinking all the good things will fall on you, to really enjoy this city you have to LIVE this city! Go out explore, take a bus or the subway without a destination, stroll around in back-alleys and hutongs, dine and wine and some of the cities many western influenced restaurant and bars, do the ten-top-sites to understand the history of this country…. the list is endless!

Some-Days I feel as I am in a endless tunnel of ”City”….

Other days I wonder how on earth it is possible to find such harmony in such a large city like Beijing


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