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little bits and bobs

28 Aug


Art Deco Lover

27 Aug

My first love for art deco started at the Dorchester Hotel in London. I was just about 15years old at the time and  I was with my School at the hotel where we were going to perform a Swedish traditional Christmas act named Sankta Lucia for a large Swedish company who had a christmas party in the grand ballroom. I remember we were practicing back stage in this amazing room filled with mirrors and an extremely elegant floor, when entering the room I felt a shiver all over my body as the room was sensational. The room mirrored a maze of beauty, clean cuts everywhere, graceful sharp edges, traditional but still so modern! It was love at first sight it was Art Deco design. Years passed and this Art Deco Design attraction kept appearing. I now have a numerous places where I love going just for the interior and a endless list of them have art deco interior. The Dorchester Hotel, Claridge’s Hotel, The Wolseley, Berns Salonger and here in Beijing Capital M. The thread that keeps these places close to my heart are namely the sleek and bold black and white floor designs which I adore.

First time I visited Capital M here in Beijing, I came back home with a smile. My friend David asked me ”Wow you look so satisfied, where have you been?” I answered with a smugger on my face ”Capital M and it was a amazing” then my friend asked me ”Why was it so good?” and my reply was simple ”David, the floor at Capital M has the same elegance as the floor at the Wolseley in London”, my friend David understood me at once and just smiled back and said ”I just got goosebumps all over, I love it already without even have been there”


19 Aug

I am really not a ”series type of person” but I am obsessed with Boardwalk Empire! It is incredible; the actors, the screen shots, the dialog, the glamour and the POWER! This series, as Mad Men did, makes my day… The directing is amazing, even the scenes without dialog are extremely moving! Just have a look at these photos below, are they not pretty?

CCTV Tower Beijing -AKA the pair of trousers (byxan)

14 Aug

Not sure if you guys are aware of my alias name ”Byxan”… Byxan in English means Trouser! So the question which continiously arises between a lot of friends of mine is; ”So how come your nick-name is Trouser?” haha I am not even sure where to commence with this story! Lets just say it stays between Me-AKA Byxan, Sanna-AKA Sandalen and Camilla-AKA Kappan and our London-Trip a century ago.

The funny thing about my nick-name is that it has escalated from Byxan to Pantalon, Byx lyx, byxi, byx byx and now somehow still haunts me years after… The other day I heard my Chinese colleague telling me that my absolute favorite building here in Beijing is also sometimes called ”The pair of trousers”. Anyway to cut a long story short, I am now even more hooked on this building! It is a tour de force. Every time I drive past it makes me sigh! My next art-work-trial will be a surrealistic-multi-colored vision of the CCTV Tower. Wish me luck!

little pink dream

7 Aug

Every girl has a pink dream….

Recently my early mornings with my ”short-but-sweet-temp-room-mate” Anna-Karin have been my pink dream! Each morning I wake up by the sun-rays shining through my bay-windows filling my bedroom with brightness and joy. After a refreshing shower and a ”facial-decoration” later I sprint into the kitchen to begin my breakfast preparation routine for 2; scrambled eggs made to perfection, dark-rye bread with cheddar cheese and ham, half a grapefruit, a cup of Nespresso coffee oozing of coffee-bean aromas and every-so-healthy yogurt smoothie made with blueberries, bananas and mango. I would like to dedicate my August pink dream to you AK *the most un-pink person I know*!! night night see you tomorrow morning for breakfast…

”non camera moment”

5 Aug

Just had a look through some of my old photos and found some pretty interesting shoots I have taken from different spots in Beijing. Do you ever have the feeling that when you see something amazing you then realise you do not have a camera with you to document it….?Yesterday I had this feeling. I met up with a few friends in this quaint little brewery down a hidden hutong called the Great Leap Brewing. It felt as if we were in a maze of bikes, washing lines, public toilets, red-painted hutong doors and then all of a sudden we found the hidden gem. The brewery was owned by a foreigner who realised after a few years of living in Beijing that he wanted to start making his own beer. The brewery has a super sweet courtyard with small stools and wooden tables everywhere and was covered by the enormous tree.   I wish I wish I wish I had my camera with me…. We had such a nice afternoon there, sipping away on some delicious beer blends. My favourite was the IRON BUDDAH BLOND, it was delicious. The beers on the tap had incredible flavours such cinnamon, cardamom and Hawthorne. A few beers later and on our way out of the hutong we came across a lovely chinese bridge hanging over a back river of Hou Hai Lake. The ”non-camera” situation will just mean I will have to go back another day very soon.