Art Deco Lover

27 Aug

My first love for art deco started at the Dorchester Hotel in London. I was just about 15years old at the time and  I was with my School at the hotel where we were going to perform a Swedish traditional Christmas act named Sankta Lucia for a large Swedish company who had a christmas party in the grand ballroom. I remember we were practicing back stage in this amazing room filled with mirrors and an extremely elegant floor, when entering the room I felt a shiver all over my body as the room was sensational. The room mirrored a maze of beauty, clean cuts everywhere, graceful sharp edges, traditional but still so modern! It was love at first sight it was Art Deco design. Years passed and this Art Deco Design attraction kept appearing. I now have a numerous places where I love going just for the interior and a endless list of them have art deco interior. The Dorchester Hotel, Claridge’s Hotel, The Wolseley, Berns Salonger and here in Beijing Capital M. The thread that keeps these places close to my heart are namely the sleek and bold black and white floor designs which I adore.

First time I visited Capital M here in Beijing, I came back home with a smile. My friend David asked me ”Wow you look so satisfied, where have you been?” I answered with a smugger on my face ”Capital M and it was a amazing” then my friend asked me ”Why was it so good?” and my reply was simple ”David, the floor at Capital M has the same elegance as the floor at the Wolseley in London”, my friend David understood me at once and just smiled back and said ”I just got goosebumps all over, I love it already without even have been there”


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