Ferdinand the Bull is back in Jing a ling ling

14 Jul

My 3 week-summer-holiday has flown away and now I am back in Beijing! I had a great holiday, met lots of friends, family and visited some nostalgic places… Summer in Sweden was amazing! I felt like Ferdinand the bull most of the time; snorting in all the natural scents, flowers, crisp air, the sea, freshness of the rain, the evening mist, the fine wines, the succulent food and the un-polluted-ICE COLD tap water etc etc. It was incredible! In the many ways which I adore Beijing I have to say that this is the one thing I miss the most; all the fresh, clean, beautiful scents!

I will post some of my many photos I took in  Sweden later, now I have to dash out in this  unbearable heat.




Summer Summer Summer

18 Jun

Once again a year has passed and the summer heat is bearing down upon Beijing.  I have a feeling that this summer is going to be fab! I just arrived in Sweden 2 days ago and so far I have just been lazy, spending time at my parents place,  gathering energy for the upcoming 3 weeks of my SUMMER VACATION which I have! I feel amazing, I feel so free, I have time to actually concentrate on myself and to daydream about what I actually want to do with my life! When working it is difficult at times to disconnect one-self to other things than work. I love my job, don’t get me wrong, it is just that sometimes I feel that I live more for my job than for myself!

Just before I came to Sweden my Sales Team had a great Summer Party in Beijing! I then realised how great my team is… We all get a long and I actually consider some colleagues some of my closest friends in Beijing, Evgenia and Camille from the photo above are 2 of them… We have a lot of fun together and call each-other ”French” ,”Russian” and ”Swedish”…. Our Boss also loves that she has 3 blondes in the office taking care of the Embassy accounts! She does see us as an U.S.P for the Sales Team I assume!

First day back in Sweden my parents and I headed to a typical Swedish Summer Brunch and indulged in the fresh smoked salmon, -meatballs, -prawns, -dill boiled new potatoes and salads. I was in heaven! Despite the rain outside it was a fantastic start of my holiday….

Tonight I am going to meet with Caroline, one of my oldest friends whom I miss truly in Beijing! Caroline and I could fill a library of memories which we have together.It is always great to meet her over a cup of tea or dinner to catch up! The rest of the days to follow, I will be having more rendez-vous with friends from far and near and I am extremely excited!  More Summer evidence to follow…

6 June Sweden’s National Day

5 Jun

Living abroad makes me somehow feel more Swedish than ever. It is a feeling when you are so far away from it all that you get more hooked on traditions and National holidays etc… It is pretty funny actually as I have only lived all in all 6years of my life in Sweden. I started thinking the other day when looking at the issue location of my passport, when did I actually have a Swedish Passport made in Sweden! The passports I can recall have been issued at the  Swedish Embassy Beijing, Swedish Embassy Den Haag, Swedish Embassy London…. Can I call myself a Child from the ”World” rather than one specific place?

Nevertheless tomorrow I will be attending the Swedish National Day at the Embassy here in Beijing and I am really excited, have not celebrated the Swedish National Day since I lived in London as a child. Each year we had the National Day Celebration on the School yard of the Swedish School in London and as students we had to wear those hideous National Costumes which I actually nowadays really think are nice.

Proud Swede as I am, right now Pumping the Euro-vision WINNING song out of my speakers- Euphoria!!!



to START not to QUIT

20 May

2 months break…. I have to stop! My promise to myself was to keep it up and blog sporadically but not to Quit! So now I am back and my brain storming sessions of what to blog about will commence again. I was also thinking of updating my blog a bit too; face-lift soon to be seen!   Image

color splash!

17 Mar

I have been seeing a lot of colour combos lately which I have fallen in love with! Have a look at these Interior photos… amazing

Did I hear you say ”Happy Womans Day”??

8 Mar

sick and dreaming I was elsewhere

8 Mar

Home, Sick and Dreaming back to my Thailand Trip which I realised I have still not shown ANY photos from…
The trip was amazing, Evgenia and I had a blast… We traveled in luxury living at 5 star hotels (benefits of working for Starwood are great)  traveling to Bangkok, Phi Phi and Phuket! We had great blue sunny sky each day and also enjoyed snorkeling, swimming in the sea, drinking young coconuts and eating huge Thai Tiger Prawns   and mind-blowing Thai food….

I loved every second of the trip and would not change anything than maybe staying longer haha The trip ended great too with a reunion in Bangkok with my brother Chris and his friends that flew in from Switzerland and my dearest friend Sanna and her friend who flew in from Sweden and Marbella.

After the trip I have been back in business at work and feel a shamed I have not been blogging lately.
A lot has happened after Thailand; I have finally moved into my own apartment which I love, I have had 3 amazing weekends with friends and picked up a new habit of bowling hahaha I still don’t have footage of it yet but I promise it will come soon!

Today I have been sick in bed all day drinking litres of tea and watching a very powerful film about Margret Thatcher. Meryl Streep plays Margret and as always she did a splendid job. Meryl is one of my favourite actresses; I have followed nearly all of her films including Manhattan, out of africa, bridges of Madison county, the hours, its complicated and now the iron lady….

Day Dreaming a la Warhol

15 Jan

Apple Attack in Beijing

15 Jan

Ni hao!
Only 6 days left and then Evgenia and I hit the beaches of Thailand….
This weekend has been pretty  intense with celebrations of different sorts. Anna Karin’s new job, Rogiers Birthday and just celebrating that we are celebrating… I had a blast and now just relaxing!
One of the highlights of this weekend was the News Headlines of the Beijing Apple Store being attacked by eager Iphone 4S fans! T.I.C.-This is CHINA! Actually I would say that this is somewhat pathetic. The I-fans throwing eggs at the Apple store in the Village? REALLY! At least they could have thrown apples.

The I-fans clearly had the right to be angry, I would also be angry if I had been waiting for hours but i think there are more important things which can ”break peoples hearts”

“I have been waiting since 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon until 7 o’clock this morning. Apple has broken a lot of Chinese customers’ hearts. I think Apple has been very unkind by doing so,” Beijing citizen

This apple Store is a trade mark for many Beijingers, including myself! Actually it is always fun to just have a stroll over to the Apple Store as there is ALWAYS something happening there… Customers walking in and out of Village with I-products just as if they were going in and out of the supermarket. Anyway, I did not expect this!

Robert Longo- Black and White

11 Jan

Lets swing like like it is 1973……
Robert Longo Photos really create a special feeling inside me when I observe them… In some magical way I become full of energy and happiness.
Unlike others I don’t ONLY associate his work with American Psycho I somehow see myself in his work!
I wish someone could catch me ”In Action” what move would I be in?