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CCTV Tower Beijing -AKA the pair of trousers (byxan)

14 Aug

Not sure if you guys are aware of my alias name ”Byxan”… Byxan in English means Trouser! So the question which continiously arises between a lot of friends of mine is; ”So how come your nick-name is Trouser?” haha I am not even sure where to commence with this story! Lets just say it stays between Me-AKA Byxan, Sanna-AKA Sandalen and Camilla-AKA Kappan and our London-Trip a century ago.

The funny thing about my nick-name is that it has escalated from Byxan to Pantalon, Byx lyx, byxi, byx byx and now somehow still haunts me years after… The other day I heard my Chinese colleague telling me that my absolute favorite building here in Beijing is also sometimes called ”The pair of trousers”. Anyway to cut a long story short, I am now even more hooked on this building! It is a tour de force. Every time I drive past it makes me sigh! My next art-work-trial will be a surrealistic-multi-colored vision of the CCTV Tower. Wish me luck!