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On the Street by Bill Cunningham

9 Oct

What a master Piece! Richard Press’ documentary-film about Bill Cunningham….

My brother has been here visiting me for a while therefore I have not been blogging so much lately however Now I am back in track!!
So on the flight back to Beijing from Shanghai I flicked on this film and OH MY what an inspiring film.

Ok, I have heard his name, I have seen his photos and I have read his On the Street columns in NYT however I never really understood that he is so great! His life story is incredible. That a man in blue jacket, camera around his neck and riding his bike can create such stunning fashion photos. Like Anna Wintour said in the film ”We all get dressed for Bill”…. He snaps away on the streets and catches fashion in its natural form, people dressed top to toe in couture jumping over water puddles and walking in and out of fashion shows during fashion week in Paris.

Bill Cunningham lives for fashion! He has been around so long and seen all the in’s and out’s….Even if you have no interest in New York Society, Photography, Fashion or eccentrics, It is a Don’t miss flick! SEE IT


Walk that Walk Called Cat Walk

18 Sep

Pumping music, flashing cameras, intense eyes, champagne popping, note taking, people watching, model walking, behind the scene hysterics, touching  up make-up, wild parties!
Fashion Week!